A recent survey has shown that worries about your finances are most likely to keep you awake at night.  Among a list of things keeping us awake; financial/economic issues (28%) and work (25%) are the most common complaints.

The figures also revealed that sleep (87%) and financial security (84%) was a bigger influence on a person’s health and well-being than exercise, diet and an emotional relationship with a significant other.

The value of sleep was certainly high with 96% of those surveyed saying that sleep was important to them. Alarmingly though, 22% said they woke up between 5-7 times before their expected wake-up time. 21% woke up between 3-4 times and 40% woke up between 1-2 times. Only 17% of respondents got a full night’s sleep.

The survey was developed by a team of sleep experts at Philips. This was conducted in the US, Brazil, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and the UK on just under 8,000 people between January and February.

“Our report indicates how psychological factors can impact sleep, and how those factors can change depending on the times in which we live. Combating stress is critical to a good night’s sleep, but the toughest part for people is often just getting motivated to make changes.”

Dr. Mark Aloia, Senior Director of Global Clinical Research, Philips

You can read some of the survey data on the  Sleep Apnea site.


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