Christmas tends to be a time of year where we forget how to budget and any sense of keeping track of our expenses seems to go out of the window. However, come the New Year you could be stuck with high credit cards bills detailing purchases you can’t even remember what you spent. If this is you, it is time to nip this habit in the bud so you don’t spend January wondering how you will ever become debt free.

But don’t panic if you already feel you have started the festive seasons by overspending, there are still a number of ways to have a credit crunch Christmas where you can cut unnecessary Christmas costs, such as:

1: Channeling your creative side: For those of you who are arty or feel as though you are neglecting your creative side, Christmas can be the perfect time to channel this talent by making your own Christmas gifts, cards, wrapping paper, gift tags etc. It may take a little forward planning but your friends and family will appreciate the effort you have made and it is far more personal than anything you can buy in the shops

2: Plan your Christmas food shop: There is no easier way to have a debt-free, stress-free, credit crunch Christmas than by planning in advance. There are a number of websites where you can check the prices of popular ingredients and use this to plan where you are going to do your shopping.
You may also be able to take advantage of online voucher codes by shopping online but watch out for additional delivery costs and remember to book your delivery slot as soon as you can so your groceries can be delivered as close to Christmas Day as possible, no-one likes a mouldy sprout!

3: Avoid the High-Street rush: Unless you are looking for something in particular, one way to have a credit crunch Christmas is to avoid the High Street altogether. You have better chance of finding the best deals online and there are a number of online comparison tools which can assist you in making sure you are getting the best deals. Don’t forget to see if there are any discount codes you can use or whether you can get cash back on your purchases.

4: Don’t undo your hard work in the sales: If you have got through a credit crunch Christmas pretty much unscathed, don’t undo your hard work and let the sales lead you seeking debt advice. Remember to shop sensibly in the January sales and make sure you only buy items you really want and cannot do without.

5: Don’t be in denial. If you are reading this and have already overspent over Christmas, there is no need to panic. One Advice are here to help you with any financial struggles you may be going through. No matter how bad your debt problem has got there is a debt solution, such as an IVA, debt management plan or even bankruptcy.
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