The prestigious Royal College of Physicians in Central London shall be hosting the annual MALG conference on 19th November.


Darryl Matthews, Head of Credit Relations at Harrington Brooks, is to facilitate a workshop titled ‘Creditors and advisers do now talk together – job done then?’ On the positive potential outcomes of the conference Darryl comments:

“The aim is to promote communication, best practice, understanding and professionalism among organisations concerned with consumer credit and debt, debt advice, debt collection and related matters. With a wide range of companies represented from most of the big UK banks, to debt collectors, utility companies, the free sector, and government, it is important for Harrington Brooks to be a part of this to enable us to discuss issues that we face and engage in wider discussions about the debt and credit is arena as a whole.”

What is MALG?

The Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG) is a non-policy making forum for creditors, debt collecting agencies, enforcement officers, debt advisers, amongst others, to hold a discussion, promoting positive relationships between organisations with an interest in personal credit and debt.

Debt and Mental Health

The MALG Mental Health Working Party was set up in 2005 in recognition of the increasing incidence of debt problems and mental health conditions. In light of National Stress Awareness Day, MALG’s voluntary guidelines for good practice and awareness of the relationship between debt and mental health are available here.