While it may not be money saving, we all love a takeaway. But which take away is the most expensive? There are plenty to choose from when spending your hard earned cash. We take a look at the takeaways with the highest spend per person using research from the Nationwide (October 2015).

5) Fish and Chips – avg spend £5.51 per person

Great Britain’s iconic dish. The idea is simple. Two main parts surrounded by other foods such as a pie, sausage and more. You could add a portion of peas to your fish and chips to make it slightly healthier. Cutting out or reducing the amount of salt on your chips can also help in the healthy stakes too.

4) Kebabs – avg spend £6.21 per person

Kebabs supposedly originated from Turkey – where soldiers cooked meat skewered on their swords. There are different types of kebab you could go for. For example, grilled chicken pieces with salad and light chilli sauce in a pitta bread could be reasonably healthy. On the other hand having donner meat smothered in mayo and chilli sauce in a naan is likely to contain your daily intake of calories. And of course, you might get chips with that as well.

3) Pizza – avg spend £8.71 per person

You can find the number for your nearest pizza place in just a few clicks. Though with a raft of offers, such as 50% off and Two-For-Tuesday at Dominos, it’s easy to see why we’re likely to spend nearly £9 a head on one of Italy’s biggest food exports.

most expensive take away meals

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2) Chinese – avg spend £9 per person

There’s so much to choose from when it comes to Asian dishes. That’s probably why you’re likely to spend £9 a person when it comes to Chinese take away food. There are a number of healthier options you can also pick from such as steamed rice and soups. Otherwise you can get stuck in to some sweet, sour and deep fried delights.

1) Indian – avg spend £9.41 per person

It had to be didn’t it? It was always going to be a close call. By an average of 41p per person, the take away with the biggest spend is Indian. As with Chinese food there’s plenty on the menu for you to spend your cash on. Even if you do get complimentary poppadoms.

Which takeaway is least fattening?

While we’ve answered the question of which take away is the most expensive, it’s unlikely that any takeaway meal won’t be considered fattening compared to other everyday meals.

Healthiest takeaway choices

But we can help you make a potentially healthier choice, when it comes to takeaways, through a section on the NHS website. This goes through some of the best and worst options available. Though we can’t guarantee if these choices will cost you more or less money.