You don’t need to have a mountain of cash to have a great day out. The summer holiday season can be great for a day out and everyone can enjoy the sun when it decides to shine. We’ve got a couple of handy tips and ways to find somewhere, or do something, when you’re trying to save cash.

Rent university halls of residence

During the summer university students have to go home. Leaving a few hundred rooms spare, and available, to rent. If you’re looking at a city break on a budget it’s worth seeing if you could save. Visiting the relevant university website in your chosen city should point you in the right direction to find somewhere. You’ll expect to pay upwards of about £60 per night for a single room.

Rent a spare room

Alternatively take a trip to where you can enquire about renting a spare room for a few days. Again this may be cheaper than a hotel but you’ve got the added ‘mystery’ of staying in a random stranger’s house. If that’s a bit off-putting hunt through your facebook friends in another city and see if they’re willing to let you stay. When we’ve had an initial look there are rooms which can be rented for as little as £100 per week – but this will differ by location and distance from the relevant city centre.


If you’re looking at places to go then try The site covers most of the UK and finds campsites where you can take your own tent or helps you look for caravan sites. Some of the headline offers feature £16 per night to pitch up your own tent on the Welsh coast and from £18 on a farm in Somerset. If you’d rather not travel then you could always pitch up in the back garden.

National Trust venues

There are plenty of places you could go within the National Trust stable of venues. The beauty is that they can be enjoyed on a budget depending on where you go. At most venues you’ll be required to pay for parking but thereafter you can enjoy some of  the wildlife, open grounds and more. The prices will differ from each venue. Expect to pay between three to £10 pounds for all day parking. For entry in to other areas such as exotic gardens, stables or any indoor grounds you may need to pay more.

Let’s go to the beach

Whilst there are many beaches in the UK you could visit it can be hard getting all the detail you need about where to park, the policy on dogs and when the tide is due in. As there are loads we could mention a handy place to start is the Good Beach Guide. All you need to remember is your sun cream.

Visit England

As we’re always recommending our customers to be smarter with their money it can be hard – especially if you’re thinking about having a break or taking a holiday. If you’re thinking about a break or a day out on a budget take a look at the Visit England website.

There’s a section dedicated to free and low cost attractions which include some real gems that the kids will also enjoy.

A couple of things to remember that might help…

 241 theme park offers – you’ll save, but you’ll also need to spend

Whilst 241 offers for places like Alton Towers and Thorpe Park are great, just remember that you’ll have additional costs to pay for on top of the ticket such as petrol, food, parking and any fast track tickets if you don’t want to queue up for an hour for the big rides. Whilst taking your own food in to these places is normally allowed it can be hard to carry all day – and prices for food once you’re in can be expensive.  So what may look to be a headline saving offer could cost more overall.


It’s pretty straightforward. Find a local park, pick a sunny day, grab some books or something to keep you entertained and do it. A trip to your local pound shop is a decent source of games and stuff you might need for a game of rounders or cricket as well.

Use Ebay to find cheap tickets

While there are plenty of places on the web to find 241 tickets for venues it may be worth taking a trip to Ebay or other auction/ swap sites to find cheaper tickets. They may be date restricted but it’s always worth having a peek.