There are lots of ways to save money and bargain hunting is just one of them.

Everyone likes a bargain. However, whether it’s laziness or cultural pressure to spend big, we have little or no inclination to go out there and find the bargains that will ease our personal finances.

Bargain hunting need not be confined to those on a lower-income. People in all wage brackets love to get a good deal.

Different types of bargain hunters

There are 4 types of bargain hunters:

Serial Searchers: This type of bargain hunter goes for the kill to find the best price. There’s no limit to the amount of time that can be spent trawling for a discount. They’ll go to countless shops and comparison sites before making a purchase.

eBays: The ultimate in Internet-savvy, they enjoy the thrill of an online auction. Especially when they win the item through their last-minute bidding

Regular Returner: They don’t do much research before they purchase, preferring to return an item if they find it cheaper elsewhere.

Happy Hagglers: These die-hard debaters revel in getting the best price through their negotiating skill.

Where to find bargains offline

• Church sales
• Charity stores
• Retail store mailing lists

Find some of the best bargains online

• Coupon sites

• Cash-back sites

• Comparison sites