Could you actually save money whilst you’re at work? If you think about it, saving money in the workplace is pretty easy, especially if you follow our top tips that could mount up to save you £££’s over the course of a year.

Make your own sandwiches or take your leftovers

If you’re spending £3 a day at a sandwich shop or in the canteen that’s an average spend of £60 per month. But, if you make your own lunch or take in leftovers, you could halve your monthly lunch bill at work, saving over £300 a year. Wow!

It’s also worth planning ahead and buying bread and sandwich fillings to store in advance. This will also help you avoid those last minute dashes to the convenience store that charges extra because it’s local and open late.

If you buy your lunch from the same place regularly, why not try to negotiate a deal, the worst they can say is no!

Park the car for free

If you pay to park while at work you could explore the possibility of finding free roadside parking. It may take a bit of time exploring and you’ll need to do some research, but the results could save you pounds.

Something to think about: Check your insurance policy as the premium may increase if you’re parking outside of a secure car park.

Childcare Vouchers

If you have a child who goes to nursery or requires the services of a childminder then you should seriously consider Childcare vouchers. They are a tax efficient way of paying for childcare and could save hundreds of pounds each year. A lot of workplaces will include this among the range of benefits offered and if you are unsure, just ask. To see if you’re better off with Childcare vouchers check out this easy to use site.

Car share

If you drive in to work then why not try car sharing or offer your colleagues a lift to and from work. Be upfront about what you want their contribution to be per trip or per week to save any awkward conversations later.

Something to think about: How might car share affect my insurance? As long as any contributions go towards covering your running costs and you’re not making a profit from the car share arrangement, your insurance should still cover you; but it’s worth checking.

Ditch Starbucks, Costa and Nero

While some people couldn’t live without a tea or coffee, it’s worth totting up how much you spend on your caffeine fix with a barista each morning. If you’re spending £2 a day then that’s a tenner each week. Multiply that by 11 months and you’ll have spent around £440 in a year – just on coffee! (PS: we’ve assumed you have 20 days off the coffee on holiday).

And if you simply can’t do without? Then try alternating one day at the baristas’ and the next on instant or buy a smaller cup.

Charge your phone at work (using a USB cable)

If it’s OK to do so, and please check first, charge up your phone at work. To fully charge an average smartphone each day for a year costs around £0.35p. While this may seem to be peanuts it’s worth multiplying this by the number of phones used in your house. If it saves your household a pound each year at least it’s a start!