If you have already read Reduce Your Living Costs Part 1, then it is time to see how else you can reduce your living costs and save yourself money! If you can think of any more simple ways to reduce your living costs then please feel free to share them with our readers by adding a comment below.

Shop Around for the Best Deals
Here lies the key to saving you money! The internet is a great place to compare prices on products, whether it be a new laptop, DVDs, CDs or clothes. Try Froogle.co.uk and see how much cash you can save on the exact same product!

  • Use online vouchers –  Although you have already made savings by shopping around, don’t stop there. The internet is full of promotional codes to use on your website where you could benefit on 10% off or perhaps free postage and packaging. And this is often as easy as typing the name of the shop and the word ‘voucher’ or ‘discount’ into Google.
  • Try eBay – If you aren’t bothered about whether your item is brand new or not then check on eBay or other online marketplaces. These can be a great place to bag yourself a bargain, but watch out for postage and packaging charges which can kick up the cost.
  • Switch your outgoings – Create a list of your outgoings and highlight those which cannot be changed, e.g. council tax. Now deal with the ones that can be changed – gas, electricity, food shopping, insurance, phone, internet etc. There are many websites which offer you the chance to see how much money you could be saving by switching companies…. Simples!

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Reduce Your Credit Cards Debt

  • Find 0% interest cards -If you can swap your credit card balances to a card which offers 0% interest for a limited time then this can be a great way of saving cash. Often there is a balance transfer charge but you could still find you are saving loads. If you are organised with your finances then it is possible to keep doing this so you never have to pay interest!
    After you have taken advantage of the offers please make sure that you cut the card up and cancel the account so you are not tempted to take out more debt. (Credit is debt remember!)

Everyday Expenses to Avoid

  • Take your own sandwiches to work – This can be a cheap and easy way to save yourself some money, as all your need to pay for is a little bit of bread and filling – guaranteed to be cheaper than your £3.50 plus the crisps, fruit etc. Also take your own water bottle to work, the average bottle can cost your £1.50 a time and you can get it free from the tap!
  • Shop around for petrol – And when we say this we don’t mean drive around all the petrol stations is your town to see which one is the cheapest! As a rule of thumb it tends to be the supermarket petrol stations which seem to be cheaper, but if you know your local garage is cheaper – use it. Also avoid service station pumps at all cost which tend to be much much dearer than average.