More than a quarter of people would prioritise non-priority debts over arrears that could trigger bailiff visits or see them go to prison.

Research from the Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB) has revealed that 28% of people would pay off credit cards, loans and overdrafts before their rent, utility bills and Council Tax.

Of those analysed:

  • 15% would stop paying their rent/ mortgage before credit card payments – this could lead to eviction or homelessness
  • 27% would stop paying Council Tax before their credit card – this could lead to imprisonment
  • 5% would stop paying their gas bill before a store card – this could lead to not having any heating or hot water.

Since 2011 there has been a shift in the types of debt which the CAB has had to deal with the most.

While credit card debt and personal loan issues have decreased, there has been an increase in matters relating to Council Tax and rent arrears. This also goes hand in hand with an increase in bailiffs being instructed by local councils – based on research by the Money Advice Trust in 2015.

According to the CAB some people don’t prioritise household bills because they are unaware of what happens in the event of non-payment. In other cases, like credit card companies or other lenders, non-priority creditors often ‘shout the loudest’. This makes people believe they should be repaid first, which isn’t necessarily the case.

“From getting the power cut off to bailiffs knocking at your door, to losing your home or even prison – failing to pay household bills can put people in vulnerable situations.”

Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice

By not prioritising household bills the charity warns people are placing themselves at greater risk of eviction, visits from bailiffs, being cut off from energy supplies and even prison.

Previous research from the CAB has also shown that people would find it helpful if money advice was offered at key times during their life. This could be when buying a first home or having a baby.

If you need more information on priority debts you can view this in our help and advice section.

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