Here are a couple of quick tips on how you could save cash, while you dash, playing Pokemon Go.

How much data does Pokemon Go use?

This will vary on your own use and other factors such as the distance you cover. Many current models use ‘assisted GPS’ which also use mobile phone signals (or data) to help establish your location. When we asked a few of the staff in the office, about the amount of data they used playing Pokemon Go, usage would vary between 10 and 25 Megabytes over a month.

You’ll see more data usage when visiting areas that you don’t normally visit. This is because the app needs to load the relevant map data. Once you’ve visited an area the app will store that map location in the phone memory (also known as the cache).

Try not to get in app purchases

You’ve gotta catch them all right. And an easy way of doing this would be to purchase more coins and other add-ons. If you can enjoy playing without paying then it’s better for your wallet. According to Slice Intelligence the most popular purchase could be the 100 Poke Coin bundle – which costs around 69p / $1. While it may not be a lot it could soon add up if you get a little bit addicted!

Battery life

Pokemon Go will use more battery life on your mobile. This is because it needs data and GPS at the same time – similar to when your phone is used as a sat nav. As a result you’ll be needing to charge your phone a bit more. The cost of charging a mobile phone each year is around 30p. This is based on a single charge each day. If you’re having to charge it more, assuming you’ll be charging twice a day on some occasions, you’re probably looking at an extra 12p a year – though this will depend on your energy tariff.

Save Money With Pokemon Go


If you can – jump on free wi-fi

You can save your data allowance by jumping on to free wi-fi when you’re out and about. The only problem you may experience is that your battery life will be affected. But, normally, the price of data is more than the price electricity. So from a cost point of view it’s worth it.

O2, who love giving stuff away, have a wi-fi app that tells you where to get free wi-fi.

The Pokemon Go cheat for android

There are a couple of ways that you can cheat on Pokemon Go. Though it does require having a ‘rooted’ device (this means installing a third party operating system not approved by your phone provider or manufacturer – this gives you ‘super admin’ access to your device but will invalidate your warranty).

How to cheat on Pokemon Go

We don’t recommend this nor say you should do it. But to demonstrate how much work you’d need to do to, in order to cheat at a free game, should make you think twice about actually doing it – and potentially writing-off a £600 mobile.

There are other methods we’ve read in to but most could see you getting a temporary ban from the app.