In a busy world it can sometimes be hard to spend time with a loved one. So when it comes round to ‘date night’ you’ll always want to make sure it’s time well spent. Here are a couple of great ways to help you enjoy precious time whilst making your money go further.

Don’t forget your discount

Paying for a meal using a coupon may not be romantic, but it will leave you with a bit more cash if done carefully, and your dinning partner need never know. Have a hunt around and see if you can find a discount code on the restaurant’s website, twitter or a money saving website. Some eateries also have a loyalty card which give you discounts each time you eat. It’s always worth having a look. Restaurants are normally quieter during midweek periods, so you might want to consider eating at off peak times when there tends to be more offers available.

Try eBay or Gumtree for cheap cinema vouchers

Team tip: Microwave some popcorn at home and take it with you! At Tesco, Butterkist Sweet Microwave Popcorn 3 x 70g pack is currently on offer for £1.50.
Team tip: Microwave some popcorn at home and take it with you! At Tesco, a Butterkist Sweet Microwave Popcorn 3 x 70g pack is currently on offer for £1.50.

The trend of giving vouchers for gifts is fast becoming the norm. But not everyone likes vouchers or can get around to using them. In this instance what you’ll find is people end up putting them on Ebay rather than leaving them to expire. You can save a bit of cash compared to the regular admission price – though any savings here may be cancelled out when you buy a £27 bag of popcorn.

Ordering through Just Eat may cost more for the takeaway date night

If you use the Just Eat app remember; they charge some restaurants between 10 – 20% of the total bill when you order. So the prices via Just Eat may be more compared to ordering direct from the takeaway. In this instance contact the restaurant directly to see if you can get the same meal cheaper direct. It may just pay for a dessert!

Compare the cost of a Supermarket Date Night in

A lot of supermarkets nowadays have dine-in deals where you can pick up a takeaway style meal (and drink) to cook or warm up at home. All you have to do is put it in the oven or microwave and you’re done. The added benefits include not needing to wait for delivery, it’s convenient and you can stash the loyalty points for next time you shop.

Buy, borrow and recycle romantic movies

Think Titanic, The Notebook, Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle and Die Hard. Ok, maybe not Die Hard. Put the phones away, get some popcorn and wine and pick up brownie points. Netflix and Amazon prime offer free trials so you can save money on movie rental costs and many supermarkets are likely to have one of these titles for less than a fiver. Why not browse your local second hand, charity or entertainment stores such as CEX or Cash Generator as they’re sure to sell them as well. And once you’re finished with them you could even sell them back to make some cash or swap them with your friends or family to make the savings go round.

Take advantage of happy hour

Happy smile, happy wallet. If you’re thinking of taking a loved one to a bar then consider the advantages of happy hour. A lot of these promotions usually take place during quiet periods for bars. If you want to make your money go further than this is the perfect time to do it.

Free exhibitions

Whilst it’s not necessarily something you’d normally do, getting down to a local art gallery or museum can save a bit of cash and add some culture to proceedings. You never know what you might find there.


So babysitting isn’t an ideal way to spend date night. But offering to look after someone else’s kids in exchange for their babysitting services can save you cash.  The average cost of a teenage babysitter for an evening will probably set you back around £15, which easily covers the cost of a main or at least two starters.

Have a picnic

This can even work during colder days and nights if you’re willing to picnic at home. Yeah why not?! Lay out a table cloth in your front room and prepare some simple treats you can share while you chat and chill out.

And when it’s nice outside, make a couple of sandwiches, or pick up some nibbles, and drive out to field, park or river with a couple of drinks to enjoy, especially if you can find a sunset.

Avoid being tempted by expensive treats and it becomes an inexpensive option, and remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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