While Daniel Craig makes another outing as 007 in Spectre we take a look at the things he, and you, could save money on…while spending wisely.



It’s likely that you’re not driving an Aston Martin, but anyone who wants to drive will need insurance. If you don’t drive as recklessly as 007 then it’s worth getting a telematics device (commonly known as a black box) fitted to your car. This will monitor how you drive and rewards safer drivers with cheaper premiums.


The gadgets at 007’s disposal may be a world away. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save a pound or two. When it comes to mobile phones make sure you either amend your contract or upgrade once you get to the end of it. And re-cycle any old phones that you don’t use. Turning down the brightness on tablets or using energy saving mode on your TV will also save some cash. If your lifestyle is ‘all action’ then it’s also worth checking out insurance for gadgets. You may already have some cover if you have a packaged bank account or home insurance. Meaning you don’t have to pay big bucks if your gadgets ever break.

Eating out

If you’ve never seen a Bond film then you won’t know about his near constant flirtation with the opposite sex over dinner. If you have a tendency to wine and dine on a regular basis then having a hunt around online for discount codes is highly recommended. If you’re stuck for a place to start you could try e-bay for cheap second hand gift vouchers. If you’re an O2 customer then take a look at the Priority Moments app – but remember that data charges will apply.


Regardless of what Bond is doing he always looks good. As you may not have a spare £900 to spend on a Tom Ford suit you can still dress like a secret agent for a fraction of the price. A useful piece of advice is to head to your nearest Oxfam or charity shop in a rich or well-to-do neighbourhood. This is because the quality of clothing donations in these areas is likely to be quite good. So while the threads may be second hand, the prices you pay won’t be first rate.


007 does like a tipple or two, but buying alcohol isn’t always cheap. There are only a couple of real bits of advice we can give to you about saving money when buying booze. This first is not to drink at all or at least try going dry for a month to save some cash. The second piece of advice is to shop wisely. Last year the Telegraph featured an article with research from bringabottle.co.uk. This mentioned the times of year when alcohol brands such as Stella, Blossom Hill and Famous Grouse are most likely to be sold at a discounted price. You don’t have to act like a super agent to get a decent price.

Exchange rates

There are very few cities in the world that James Bond hasn’t visited. If you’re ever going away the biggest and easiest piece of advice we can give is never to get currency at the airport. The exchange rate is far worse. Think ahead and do a bit of research to get the best exchange rate deals.


Being a double agent isn’t easy. But you’ll always need to scrub up for whatever you’re doing. And that means not smelling like you’ve just run a marathon. The Fragrance Shop and Perfume Shop are good places to start for well priced smells. In the run up to Christmas Boots are usually good for offers too. In case you need to know the difference – eau de perfume/parfum lasts longer than eau de toilette. So while it may cost more you’ll need less over the course of a day.