Matthew Cheetham, CEO of Harrington Brooks, responded to today’s (22 November 2017) Budget 2017 announcements:

“We welcome the Government’s plans to cut the waiting time for people applying for Universal Credit. Removing the seven-day waiting period means that people will be entitled to the benefit from the day they apply. For some of the most vulnerable people in society dealing with debts like rent arrears, this will provide a valuable lifeline.

“Allowing claimants to apply for a month’s advance within five days is also a helpful step to encouraging people to get back on their feet faster. We also welcome the Government’s step to give people 12 months to pay this advance back, as affordable repayments will help people claiming Universal Credit to stay in control of their finances.

“Increasing the National Living Wage to £7.83 an hour will help the lowest paid workers in the UK. By doing what it can to increase British workers’ incomes, the Government can help to ensure that they’re better placed to manage their household budget and spending.

“And for those lower-paid workers managing debt repayments, this will enable them to work towards getting debt-free faster.”

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