Dealing with your debts can often be a tricky issue; when the bills come in it can be a very stressful time especially if your budget does not account for the additional spending that your partner has done, which all adds up to your level of credit card debt. But you are not alone, CreditExpert report that more than half a million couples have actually gone their separate ways due to disagreements about debt repayments and personal finances.

But don’t let your financial issues ruin your otherwise happy relationship. Follow the tips below to discover how you can keep debt stress to a minimum.

1: Understand your finances. It is important that you work through your financial issues as a couple. Sit down and work out how much debt you really owe, especially if you have a habit of ignoring your bills and just make the minimum repayment to your store card or credit card debt.

It might be worth checking your credit report, as this will show you details about your repayment history, current debt and list of current lenders.

2: Create an action plan to relieve debt stress. Now you have a true picture of your financial circumstances you can start to do something about it. Be honest with each other about your income and your current commitments, such as a magazine subscription which you didn’t tell your partner about.

Try to share out the financial tasks so that they are equal depending on the income of each person. Allowing spare cash for personal indulgences, such as one pair of new shoes a month, means that you can tackle your debt without having the guilt of spending money where you shouldn’t.

3: Get Debt Help. There is no shame is seeking debt help and advice if your finances are seriously out of control. The credit crunch has meant that those who were living on stretched incomes have had to get debt help as they can no longer afford to meet minimum debt repayments.

But there is no shame in doing so, there are a number of debt solutions out there which are designed to reduce the amount of debt which you are paying to your creditors on a monthly basis. Reducing your payments to your unsecured debt means that you should be able to afford your priority debt commitments, such as a mortgage, without the need to compromise on your standard of living.

The right debt solution for you will be dependant on both you and your partner’s circumstances. We offer free initial debt advice which will provide you with further information about how to relieve debt stress through a solution such as a debt management plan, IVA or even bankruptcy.