A greater number of men could need debt advice, as women are more likely to tackle the effects of the credit crunch by cutting back on spending. According to a Legal & General poll, the ongoing recession appears to have changed our spending habits.

Of the 4,000 people asked for their Changing Face of British Homes research, 56% of women are making savings and avoiding the need for debt advice by cutting back on their weekly shopping bills, compared with less than half (41%) of men.  Another area where women are looking to cut back more than their male counterparts is on high street spending. 60% of women are looking to cut back on their spending sprees, compared with 57% of men.

Garry Skelton from the company, commented: “The current economic climate is having an effect on most of us. While Brits are shopping around and cutting back, it’s important to ensure that any compromise does not mean losing something that is valuable.”

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