This Thursday and Friday’s planned postal strike has led many to worry about their bills and personal finances, and are seeking debt advice in order to ensure that they can keep on top of their money and ensure that everything will be paid on time to escape fines from their creditors. Things which you should keep an eye on when it comes to your debt and the postal strike include:

Credit Card Debts: If you miss or make a late payment to your credit card debt it could show on your credit score, you could be hit with a fine or lose any special promotional interest rate deals which you have with your creditor. It is important that you ensure that your credit card debts are in check over this period, if necessary use online banking or call up your creditor to ensure that everything is being processed as it should.

The good news is that many of the main providers have said they will give a degree of leniency to those who make late payments on their credit card debts, but these cases will be dealt on an individual basis so it is always a good idea to be pro-active to ensure you don’t make any late payments.

Utility Bill Debts: If you’re billed by post, ensure that you keep an eye out for these statements or contact your utility bills supplier if these are late, as you could lose out on early payment discounts. Also utility bills are classed as a priority debt so always ensure that these debts are paid or you face losing the service.

Bank Statements: If you rely heavily on posted bank statements to ensure that your finances are in check, now could be a good idea to explore the world of online banking as you have instant access to this information.Many ATMs will also provide you with mini-statements.

Selling online: If you are an online seller then communicate to your customers as soon as possible about the planned strikes and explain why there is a possibility of late delivery. If possible, send the items so they can be tracked online. That way the buyer knows they have been sent and they can check their progress.

Debt Advice…. Would you have been struggling with your debts without the added stress of the postal strike? One Advice can offer you ethical debt advice about a range of debt solutions. There is not one debt solution to fit all, which is why we offer a full range of services to ensure that you are best informed about your debt solution options.