Halloween is notably a time when things tend to get a little scarier around the streets of Britain, but this year one thing could frighten you even more: your bank balance.

Popular holidays tend to stretch our finances a little further than we would like, Easter and Christmas being prime examples. But it now seems we are making more of an effort with our Halloween celebrations as research suggests that UK parents will spend £200 million on scary Halloween costumes and treats.

Debt advice could be high on the list of many too as this research by Egg reveals that 77% confess to spending more than they can afford to. This could lead to many needing debt advice as these extra outgoings mean falling behind on debt repayments or go over your overdraft.

The fact that Halloween falls around the school half-term means it is likely to stretch your wallet and debt management skills even further as you spend an additional £270 trying to entertain the children with additional treats, pocket money and days out.

Spokesperson  from Egg, Vanessa Wood, commented: “Halloween has become much more of a calendar event in the UK than it used to be and we can see this reflected in the cost to parents.”