The credit crunch means that everyone is having to take greater control over their finances, whether it is due to worrying about how much interest your savings are earning or being worried about mouting credit card debt, it seems as though the effects of the credit crunch are inescapable.

It is now appears that the credit crunch is taking a grip over our every day life as many of us are having to put our plans on hold for 2009. Research at shows that 75% of adults, the equivalent of 36 million people, are putting off life-changing moves due to the lack of available funds, including getting married or having a baby. Over half of us (55%) are now worried that we may never be able to reach our goals, such as owning our own home, due to affordability factors.

Jim Hodgkins, Managing Director of, said: “There’s no doubt that uncertainty about future financial security for many people right now means putting plans on hold. One certainty is that those who are actively managing their money and understand their credit commitments can better plan for their future.”