The credit crunch is general doom and gloom when it comes to the way in which we spend our income, as more of us look for ways to tighten up our belts and save some additional cash. There are a number of ways we are actively choosing to avoid debt, such as spending the night at home instead of going out or shopping in cheaper stores.

credit crunch

More than one in four people (29%) are ‘desperately’ or ‘very’ worried about the future of our economic stability, but, according to research by BT, there are some credit crunch luxuries which we won’t say no to…

  1. Broadband – 57% as us would be unwilling to give up broadband during the credit crunch. Although you could switch your broadband provider to save you additional cash, but remember to calculate any connection fees or modem costs before doing so.
  2. Fresh fruit and vegetables – 43% of us would not give up our healthy fruit and vegetables. Although many of us may look to save money in this area by shopping at cheaper stores or helping out traders by shopping at the local market.
  3. Mobile phone – 37% of us are unwilling to let go of our mobile phones, but having a mobile phone does not mean that you have to have an expensive monthly contract. There are a number of great value Pay As You Go Sims which could benefit you more, especially if you do not use your mobile phone too much.

Personal Finance commentator, Alvin Hall, says: “Clearly fresh fruit and vegetables should be top of everyone’s must have list, but staying connected offers a vital lifeline in this 24/7 society we all now live in… Broadband offers access to myriad ways of saving money – searching for the cheapest deal, selling unwanted goods on online auctions, downloading discount vouchers, entering competitions and even taking part in surveys.”