Bailiffs hit the cobbles in Coronation Street this week, as the Windass/Armstrong clan watch their possessions seized after failing to pay their debts. The scenes were not easy watching, and certainly tougher for those viewers struggling with arrears. But how much of the drama could become reality, and what happens if you find yourself facing repossessions?

The soap’s portrayal of debt collection has left many viewers angered.

Defenders of soaps argue they are purely dramatic and created for entertainment. But it is a shame that an institution such as Coronation Street could not deal with a topic which affects thousands of its viewers with the same sensitivity it has dealt with other social issues, such as the recent Hayley Cropper euthanasia story line.


Whilst creative license is always presumed in Soapland, glaring inaccuracies like the ability of 12 year old Faye to give bailiffs access to the property when it was otherwise vacant, only fuel the myths and scaremongering used by less scrupulous creditors.

Living with debt can be a daily struggle, and adding to a culture of fear can only spread denial and inaction, particularly if it leads viewers to wrongly believe the only possible result of debt issues is bankruptcy. In reality, there are a number of options available to those struggling with repayments, including a debt management plan or IVA.

Viewers vented their frustrations online, commenting that the episode was “disgusting”, “nonsense” and “very poor”.

What can be done if repossession becomes your reality?

Know your rights and the process that creditors follow to gain payment, so you can act accordingly if a bailiff or debt collector behaves in an inappropriate manner. If you are concerned about legal action, our solicitors at Castle Keep Law are friendly, professional experts who can guide you as to what to do in your circumstances.

Addressing your debts is the main course of action to take when faced with bailiffs and repossession. Our financial advisers will talk through your debts and income, and help you decide on the best financial solution to your problems.