While it’s nice to feel loved, nobody wants to spend money when they don’t need or can’t afford to. With the average spend on Valentine’s Day estimated at £45 (according to a report in the Telegraph in 2015) it’s not a cheap affair.

That’s why you could consider our tips on why you should skip Valentine’s Day.

Consider what you could get instead of Valentine’s Day happiness

£45 can get you a lot these days. That includes enjoyment on things that will last for more than just a day. Some of the things you could buy from skipping Valentine’s Day include:

  • Six months of Netflix
  • MAC makeup products
  • Call of Duty for the PlayStation 4
  • If the diet has gone out of the window you could get three KFC ten-piece family buckets or ten Big Mac meals.
  • Or… a Match.com membership for a couple of months (just in case)

From a practical view, £45 gets you…

  • Over half a tank of petrol based on a 45 litre tank
  • Around half the cost of an average monthly dual-fuel bill in the UK (Based on gas usage of 12,500kWh and an electricity usage of 3,100kWh)

It’s likely that you’re still paying off Christmas

Some of us are still financially recovering from the antics of December. In this situation it’s probably best to use the cash you have to pay off any debts. If your loved one really cares about you then they are likely to understand that spending money you don’t have, isn’t a good idea.

Because you don’t really like your Valentine

Why prolong a relationship that doesn’t make you happy? Or are you just going through a rocky patch? If this is the case you could suggest having an amnesty or plan to do something the following month once your finances are back in shape – before you decide whether or not to leave.

You’re likely to pay over the odds

If you were to buy roses in the run up to Valentine’s Day we can guarantee that you’re likely to pay more for these or any other generic bunch of flowers. If you’re planning to go out to a restaurant chain or elsewhere you’re likely to pay the same as normal. But you may find yourselves facing time limits on your table reservation – which doesn’t let you relax or enjoy your meal.

There are other days of the year you can show your partner you love them

You can show your other half that you love them 364 other days of the year – when it’s potentially easier and cheaper to do so and it doesn’t have to cost a thing either. You could write a poem or get creative and make something from scratch. It’s the thought that counts.

So while it may sound bar humbug to skip Valentine’s Day and some of what we’re saying can be taken tongue in cheek, it is worth considering what Valentine’s Day really means to you and your partner – and if you decide together to not spend but still celebrate.