We are massive fans of saving money and would normally suggest switching to own brand alternatives. But there are occasions when paying more for household products can save you money.

In 2014 consumer site Which conducted tests on a number of washing up liquids. These included own brand and premium products. Here’s what they found…

Tesco’s own brand Expert Lemon washing up liquid washed 1,200 plates per 100ml. While this was cheaper, the Fairy bottle washed over 2,200 plates per 100 ml.

While some own brand products may perform as well as premium products it does pay to monitor what you are using and research what could be cost effective.

As part of the same tests, Which also reviewed Aldi’s Magnum Premium liquid. This washed 2,350 plates per 100ml. The big difference between the Aldi and Fairy brand was price. On mysupermarket.co.uk during February 2016 a 500ml bottle of Aldi’s washing up liquid cost 79p. For the same size a bottle of fairy would cost 1.40 from Asda. That’s a 61p saving.

Some of the own brand products are already manufactured by the major brands. This applies to food, household cleaning products and drinks.

Making wise spending choices

If you can afford to, without putting your everyday finances under strain, it can be worth switching to a branded or premium own brand product. The key to saving money is to make sure it doesn’t cost more in the long run.

Last year we ran a taste test between premium and own brand products. You can read about the results on our blog.

In some instances there are other uses for selected products – be they branded or not. So this may be worth thinking about if you want to get more out of your money. Fairy liquid alone can be used to clean windows, make rockets and help kids make playtime bubbles.

The key thing to remember is usage and the cost per unit. If you get more out of it, by paying a little bit more, then it may be worth it – even if it’s a brand.