Many of us are looking for ways to earn an extra income. Here are some ways to beat the credit crunch after hours.

Hire yourself out:

There are numerous ways you can hire yourself out, and make some money on the side. Some of these jobs are great for extra pocket money, while others could bring in money to help with the mortgage payment. These jobs are great for people with untapped skills.

So what type of work can you get?

  • Film extra – Have a secret desire to be in showbiz? Now is your chance. Hiring yourself as a film extra can plump up your pockets, and get experience and exposure.
  • Tutoring – Have some knowledge you would like to impart on others? Become a part-time tutor. You can teach anything from mathematics, poker, or even cooking. What better way to earn money than by doing something you are really good at, and helping someone in the process?
  • Freelancing – Whether writing, photography or graphics is your forte, freelancing is a great way to earn some extra cash.
  • Home reps – Becoming a home rep not only makes you money, but can be great fun as well. Host a ‘party’ at your home, and sell anything from cosmetics, jewellery and homeware.
  • Babysitters/dog walkers – If you like dogs and children, maybe you can opt for these professions at the weekends. Although you may not earn as much, it is much better than you started out with, and only takes a couple of hours a day.

Renting out your home and belongings:

  • Parking – If you live within walking distance of the train or bus depot, a good idea would be to advertise your parking space at your home. People are always looking for places to park, and you will surely make some money off your parking.
  • Rent a room – If you have a spare room, why not rent it to someone. You could charge him or her weekly or monthly, and make some money off your home.
  • Cars – If you are lucky enough to own a vintage or sport car, consider renting it out for weddings, funerals or proms. But no matter what car you own, there are sure to be people interested in hiring it for the day, especially tourist.