Discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl are increasing their market share compared to bigger rivals as the price wars continue.

aldi and lidl

Analysis from consumer research firm Kantar Worldpanel showed Aldi’s share at 5.5% and Lidl’s amount at 3.9%. Compared to the same 12 week period, until June last year, Aldi and Lidl’s market share was 4.7 and 3.6% respectively.

In contrast, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s market share compared to the same period in 2014 has decreased. Tesco from 28.9 to 28.6%, Asda from 17.1 to 16.6% and Sainsbury’s from 16.7 to 16.5%. Of the big four only Morrisons increased their market share from 10.9 to 11% since the same time last year.

Supermarket  12 weeks to Jun-15 12 weeks to Jun-14 Market share  % change
Aldi 4.7 5.5 0.8
Lidl 3.6 3.9 0.3
Morrisons 10.9 11 0.1
Sainsbury’s 16.7 16.5 -0.2
Tesco 28.9 28.6 -0.3
Asda 17.1 16.5 -0.6


Whilst shoppers may have been taking advantage of low prices in the aisles Kantar’s report analysis highlights that potential price hikes are on the way:

“Groceries are now 1.7% cheaper compared with a year ago. Prices have been falling since September 2014, but the rate of decline is slowing meaning they are projected to rise again by the end of this year.”

But it isn’t only groceries that have decreased in price over the last 12 months either. Figures from the AA’s fuel report in May 2014 showed an average cost of 129.9 per litre for petrol. This is compared to the average of 116.4 for May 2015.

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