Due to current financial circumstances, it is becoming harder and harder to find cheap deals in order to switch around your credit card debt once introductory offers have come to an end.

Coupled with the rise of cost of living, it is becoming harder to clear credit card debt. But there are easy ways that could help you to afford credit card debt:

1: Budget – and stick to it. It is a simple task to work out your budget. To create a simple budget, all you need to do is work out your disposable income, which the money that you have left once you have deducted all necessary living costs.

But the hard thing to do it to stick to your budget. Keep a diary of your spending over a month and you will be able to see the little slips in your budgeting. Creating a fixed and affordable budget is one easy way to free additional monies which you can put towards paying off your credit card debt.

2: Say no to additional credit card debt. Paying off your credit card debt as quickly as possible will help to make this debt more affordable to you. But there is no point doing this if you continue to rely on your credit card. It might not be easy to give up your credit card habit, but setting yourself a realistic budget (as discussed in step 1), should help make this process a little more bearable.

3: Get debt help. Sometimes it is just impossible to make your credit card debt more affordable to you. And if your unsecured creditors are asking for too much, it can make life very stressful. But there are debt solutions out there which can cut the monthly amount that you have to pay for creditors, leaving you with additional cash to afford the essentials in life.

For further information and advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We can take full details about your credit card debt to help you find a debt solution which is right for your own personal circumstances, whether this be with a debt management plan or an IVA