As the credit crunch continues to sweep the UK, more and more people are turning to the internet to save their cash and to help them to avoid debt.

Want to know how you can beat the credit crunch online? Read below for the Our top tips on how to make money, save money and beat the credit crunch:

1: Make Extra Income.
One sure fire way to beat the credit crunch is to make an extra income. Higher energy bills, food costs and the increase of general cost of living expenses means that many households have turned to the internet to make additional cash. is a website which brings together individuals who are seeking additional work to make this extra income. Businesses will advertise when they are looking for short-term employees for particular roles. Potential employees then bid for the jobs by offering their rate of pay and work credentials.

2: Get Some Bargains.
The High Street sales are not the only place where a bargain can be found. Savvy credit crunchers are turning to the internet to take advantage of savings all year round.

There are many ways which you can do this, from auction sites to online comparisons, it is always worth checking out the prices online before you head to a High Street store.

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3. Sell Your Old Mobile.
Chances are that if you are on a contract phone you will be able to get a new handset every 12 to 18 months. Recent research suggests that UK phone users are sitting on £1.4 billion worth of old mobile phones.

Now is the chance to dig these up and sell them on. You could either do so through an auction site but it may be worth researching specialist online companies who buy old handsets to refurbish and then sell on.

4. Don’t Buy, Rent.
It is no longer just property which you can rent, you could stop buying altogether and try renting your life instead! More people are avoiding the credit crunch by renting goods and services, from luxury cars, handbags, DIY tools and jewellery.

5. Get Money for Spending.
If even the fear of the credit crunch can’t stop you from splurging your cash, then online cashback sites could be the answer to your prayers.

Some will charge a yearly fee (up to about £5) and some are free to use. The cashback websites will pay you a percentage every time you buy a product by going through their site first. There are a number of well known brands which partake in these schemes so it is really worth seeing how much of a saving you can make.