Looking to stretch you budget further by looking for ways to save money? Here are some simple ways you can stretch your budget further with the money saving ideas:

1: Switch to Brandless items – I agree that there are some items which you might not be able to switch brand on, for example a certain type of chocolate or tomato sauce which you know just tastes much better than the rest! But there are a number of kitchen staples which you could swap for the store’s own brand, such as eggs, sugar, kitchen roll, soap and many tinned goods.

fast ways to save money

2: Cut down on luxuries – There may be luxuries which we all think we need, but if our aim is to become debt free then it is time to get harsh and give up or cut down on some of our luxuries.

Perhaps make your brow wax go further be stretching it out for another week, or ask a friend or family member to look after your children instead of hiring a baby sitter, and offer to return the favour.

3: Be a Coupon Clipper – One of the biggest dents into our monthly income is the shopping bill! Obviously buying food is an essential but there are ways which you could save money.

Clip any coupons that you see from newspapers or magazines and remember to search the web for discount codes and vouchers before ordering anything online, you could benefit from free delivery, a promotional gift or money off your order.

4: Stay In instead of going out – We are not suggesting that the only way to become debt free and save money is by staying in and saying ‘no’ to a social life, but the cost of eating out a couple of times a week can really add up, especially if you treat yourself to a bottle of wine too!

This fast way to save money also applies to lunch too, as buying your lunch every day can be a big expense. You can easily make a sandwich at home in the morning, just set your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier in the morning and smile at the thought of all that money you will be saving!

5: Quit the Gym – Are you a member of a gym that you never go to? Maybe you are keeping your membership because maybe you will go to the gym tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes right?

Gym memberships are expensive, and although this is fine if you are a regular gym member, if you are not sure what the inside of your gym looks like then it could be time to cancel your membership. You don’t need to be a member of a gym to stay healthy, there are a number of things which you can do for free, such as walking, cycling, running or hiking in the country side.

Have you got any more tips on how you can save money without even realising? Feel free to share your knowledge with our readers by posting a comment below…