Although saving money often seems like a hard chore, it really doesn’t have to be. It can be really simple to increase your savings every single day, and even doing one or two things from the list below could have a positive difference to your savings balance.

Set yourself a challenge and see how much money you can save every day by just making little tweaks to your lifestyle. Please comment below if you feel as though we have missed out one of the ways which make it simple to save money daily.

Save Money Daily by…

1: Changing the way you get to work. One of the biggest outgoings is car running costs. But depending on where you work and how far the commute is, you could save money on petrol, parking and depreciation of your car value by taking public transport or car-sharing.

2: Switching your mobile to pay-as-you-go. Once your mobile phone contract has come to an end, you should review it and evaluate if you really use it to the full. There is no point paying a monthly contract of £35 when you only send a couple of texts and make only a few phone calls.

There are many pay-as-you-go sims which are on the market and some will even offer you extras for topping up, such as free texts.

Make sure that you don’t cancel your mobile phone contract half way through an agreement, as doing so will affect your credit rating.

3: Sorting out your direct debits. Along with your mobile phone bill, there may be monthly subscriptions which are taken by direct debit from your account for a service you do not really use. Sorting these out and deciding which ones you need will save you money.

For example, are you subscribed to the full satellite TV services but only watch a couple of channels? It might be worth changing your plan, and you could potentially save £100s a year.

4: Taking a brown bag to work. Taking your lunch to work as well as any snack food for breaks, could really save you some money, perhaps as much as £40 per week. Passing on shop bought sandwiches, coffee and cake could save the pounds in your purse as well as your waistline!