The credit crunch seems to be taking a firmer hold, with unemployment on the rise, the cost of living stretching our income and our savings plunging. But it needn’t be all doom and gloom, this is the perfect time to get your finances in order and beat the credit crunch.

1: Invest in Yourself – The credit crunch means that many of us are wondering about how secure our job is, so it could be a good time to invest in your career and your future. According to the Government’s Learning and Skills Council, two thirds of workers feel that educating themselves with a new skill will offer more job security.

Although this can be expensive, there are a number of subsidies and training bursaries through the sector skills councils. Many employers are also willing to develop the talent of their current employees and may pay for, or at least contribute to, extra training.

2: Have a Budget-Friendly Holiday – Many of us look forward to our week away in the sun, but with the pounds weakness against the Euro and the lack of disposable income, many of us will have no choice but to opt for a holiday in the UK this year.

According to research by Visit Britain, a fifth of those who holidayed abroad last year plan to save money by holidaying in the UK, but don’t let this put a downer on your summer plans. There can be so much to do and so much variety, although some is weather dependant. The Visit Britain website offers some budget-friendly tips about how to have a cheap holiday in the UK, including:

* Get a Great British Heritage Pass – This excellent value pass offers free entry to nearly 600 castles, palaces, gardens and other historical attractions, including Stonehenge, Roman Baths and Leeds Castle.
* Get on your bike and cycle! – Whether you’re in a city or the countryside, there are hundreds of miles of cycle paths and national trails that offer a healthy and free way to explore Britain.

3: Sort out your Finances – Perhaps one of the best ways to beat the credit crunch is to get your finances in check. Knowing how much debt you have and how you are going to repay it will help you look towards a debt free future.

If you find that paying your debts is a struggle and there simply is not enough money to cover your living costs, speak to One Advice. We have a range of debt solutions which could help your financial situation. No matter what your level of debt, chances are there is a debt solution which is designed to help you.