There are a number of ways that you can get a bank statement of your financial accounts. As many banks now opt for paperless statements, getting a statement requires very little effort.  Here are the options available.

Print or download statements through online banking

The majority of banks based in the UK will let you access your account statements and details through their website. In most instances you can either download a PDF statement or print these out from your web browser. While the steps are different for each bank you will normally find an option to select a month or a date range to print or download.

Below are links to some of the UK’s most popular banks. If you haven’t set up an online banking account you may need to do this on the website or by going in branch. 

HSBC – select the ‘log on’ or ‘register’ link
RBS – select the ‘log in’ option
Natwest – select the ‘log in’ option
Nationwide – select the ‘log in’ or ‘register’ option
Yorkshire Bank – select the ‘login’ or ‘register’ option
Co-op – select the ‘log in’ or ‘register’ option
First Direct – select the ‘internet banking’ option

Obtain a statement through your bank’s mobile app

You can download statements via an app in some instances. Or even request it via post. Here are links to the main UK banks’ apps.

First Direct

Telephone banking

You can request a statement  via your bank’s telephone banking service. The credentials to log in to your account via phone may be the same as your internet banking option.  You may need to activate this in branch (where applicable) before you get started.

Get a bank statement in-branch

If all else fails the simplest way of getting a statement is to request one over the counter in-branch. You may need to answer some security questions or show some ID beforehand.

Staying safe online

A quick guide on how to stay safe online when banking is featured on the Get Safe Online website.

A note for existing customers

If you’re an existing customer, and need to submit your bank statement details, you can get in touch should you be experiencing any problems.

IVA customers who need to report a change in circumstances should send statements and related documents to [email protected] with your relevant details (name, contact number).

IVA customers due an annual financial review should send supporting documents and statements to [email protected]