Colleagues from the One Advice Group, which Harrington Brooks is part of, have today been giving support to residents in the local area by helping to signpost them to a range of services.

Following cutbacks a decision has been taken to move the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in to central Manchester. Meaning that the face to face advice historically available in Wythenshawe is no more. Residents can use the self serve, web based offering and have telephone contact instead. However, Street Advice is a new service that has launched at the Forum Centre in Wythenshawe, aimed at plugging the gap which is left.

The main aim of Street Advice is to help residents from the local community get access to advice and support on a range of issues. This ranges from everyday issues such as money and debt management to problems with benefit(s), employment rights and legal or family disputes.

With subsidiaries that offer financial advice, the One Advice Group is well placed to offer residents the advice they may need on issues that we also manage for our new and existing clients.

“Street Advice is all about signposting people to the supporting services they need and once relied upon from the local CAB office. Businesses, professional services and community groups from the local area volunteer their resource, expertise and time to support Street Advice which is held on the first Tuesday of every month. This is a BW3 initiative that the One Advice Group support. Today residents welcomed the opportunity to ask a variety of different questions to the attending businesses, and expressed their thanks for the support”

Jodi Hamilton, Head of Marketing, One Advice Group