Congratulations to Amy Gorman in the Creditor Relationship Team, Harrington Brooks’ Star of the month for August.


Amy with HB CEO, Matt Cheetham

Below are just some of the excerpts from Amy’s many nominations this month:

“Amy moved into a new role within the Creditor Relations Team early in July. She is now working alongside 2 Creditor Relationship Managers offering invaluable support in an extremely fast paced division of operations handling hundreds of creditor reports and updating thousands of clients accounts on a daily basis.

“The manner in which Amy has taken to the role has been extremely impressive and she is already surpassing standards that were set by her predecessor within little over a month in the role…”

“Given the manner of success that Amy has had in taking over this role it has meant that neither the client nor creditors have felt any negative knock on effects of the change in staff.

If anything they will have felt benefits, as previously noted, she is working to a more timely manner on the work thus having our creditors supplied with their report quicker and our systems updated quicker, therefore payments inevitably getting distributed quicker …”

Honourable Mentions:

Two more employees who have been singled out by your nominations for their sterling attitude to their work and their colleagues.

Shaun Bennett in The Payment Solutions Team:

“Shaun has only recently joined the payment solutions team, however he is already a consistent member of the team. I see Shaun arriving early for his shift in order to check payments onto accounts and he has built strong relationships within the team to create a strong resource structure. Shaun is empathetic to the client and through his eagerness he is supportive and eager to help the client. He has a clear sense of rehabilitation for the client and this can be seen in his offering of the money saving checks the HB provide…”

Kenneth Bateman in The Relationship Support Team:

“Ken has a keen eye for looking out for trends of issues that come in from creditors and possible effects it has on the client and other departments. Recently highlighting issues with Water Companies and our clients, after a number of days of tracking and monitoring contact from them in his own time. He then brought to the businesses attention with suggestions to help solve this and already many of these have been implemented within his own team and other areas of the company.